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Cancer Protocol Revised 2009

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By Jacki Smith

On December 23, 1971, the National Cancer Act was signed into law. Congress believed that a cure could be found by the Bicentennial in 1976. The war on cancer stalled before it got started. In 1989, one million Americans were diagnosed with a malignancy as well as over 500,000 new cases of skin cancer. Over 500,000 people died of cancer in America alone. The “New England Journal of Medicine” declared that the $30 Billion, 27 year war against cancer had been lost and admitted defeat for the entire field of conventional cancer treatment.

The American Cancer Society estimates 563,700 cancer deaths in 2004, that is more than 1500 people per day, and they state that the scientific evidence suggests that about one-third of those cancers will be related to nutrition, physical inactivity, obesity, and other lifestyle factors and could also be prevented. They estimate 180,000 cancer deaths due to tobacco use and another 19,000 deaths due to excessive alcohol use. It is time we start accepting a little personal responsibility for our actions, our choices, for ourselves.

The world turns upside down when you hear your doctor say “You have cancer.” or worse, “You have TERMINAL cancer.”. You experience a rush of emotions, thoughts and questions; “Why did this happen to me?”, “What will happen if …?”, “What can I do now?”. My mother experienced these emotions and asked these questions when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer – I needed answers. Thus began my journey. After eleven years of extensive reading, studying scientific research, medical journals, clinical trials, autobiographies of cancer survivors and numerous other publications covering both conventional and alternative cancer therapies, I have gained a comprehensive understanding of cancer, its effect on the body, how to restore balance and rebuild the immune system. Positive steps that allow the body to heal itself.

The first step is to realize that there are others, just like you, who have attacked cancer and won! Next, you should be asking yourself; “How did this start?” and “How do I win this battle?” The keys to winning the war against cancer are to educate yourself, using available research and resources, then make informed decisions for the best approach and treatment plan that fit your specific needs. These steps will empower you to take control of your illness. You must realize everything from here on out is YOUR DECISION. Finally, you must COMMIT to winning the war against the enemy within – your cancer. YOU HAVE THE MOST TO GAIN OR THE MOST TO LOSE – CHOOSE WISELY!


 I would wage a full-scale war on the cancer and fight like my life depends on it . . . because it does. I would take charge of my health. The doctors are there to consult, not to make decisions. Family doctors, oncologists, nutritionists, family and friends have opinions and advice regarding what to do, but the ultimate decision is mine . . . and it needs to be an informed decision, not an emotional one. See, no one can heal a person, or cure a disease. For example, urgent care physicians, when faced with a life threatening emergency, recognize the power of the body. They work to stabilize the patient’s body; then wait for the body to heal itself. Your challenge is no different – stabilize your body by eliminating the physical and psychological factors that contributed to your illness, fortify the body with nutritional elements that strenghten your body and encourage healing, focus your determination to fight the battle and your will to win! The three pronged attack involves your body, your mind and your spirit, working together with one purpose – restore your health. I can help people to learn how to take better care of themselves, help them learn how to nourish their body properly with diet and supplements, so they can promote and maintain health.

 I can tell you that I would not choose any therapy that would compromise my immune system. How can you expect to deal with poisons and chemical toxicity if your immune system is so weak that it is allowing cancer to thrive? If your path includes chemotherapy make sure your immune system is strong; so as to minimize the side effects. The side effects of these drugs can be worse for the body than the cancer and could actually cause death. If you have been at the bedside of a loved one through a conventional battle with cancer as I have, witnessed their body falling apart, toxic, bloated, bed ridden in pain – with Morphine as their only ally – then you would understand its effects.

 I would change my lifestyle. This diagnosis needs to be your wake-up call. Whether you are a single mother, a father trying to support your family or a CEO of a major corporation you must make the time to take care of yourself. Otherwise, the reality is you might not be here to worry about life’s other challenges. Imagine cancer as your worst houseguest. Now, imagine you invite them into your home. You give them your bedroom; you cook and clean for them; you wait on them hand and foot day in and day out. How hard do you think it will be to get them to leave? This is cancer! Your uninvited guest, the cancer, is less likely to leave your body if you are willing to be a good host. You must make a change.

Eliminate stress and everything negative from your life. Exercise is very important as it promotes oxygenation of the tissues, can lift your spirits and process fluids and toxins through the lymph nodes. Spending five minutes twice a day on a mini trampoline will help stimulate the lymphatic system. Taking a brisk walk while swinging your arms, swimming and aerobics or water aerobics are excellent. Also, do deep breathing exercises. Exercising for thirty minutes three times per week is a good place to start. Also, eliminate deodorants that contain aluminum.

I would stop drinking treated city water. I would drink 10 to 12 – 8 oz. glasses of filtered water per day to carry out the toxins. Minimum half your body weight in ounces of water each day. Increase during cleansing.

I would switch to a vegetarian, organic diet. Begin feeding your body, not the cancer. I would eliminate all meat and animal proteins, dairy, sugar (real or artificial sweeteners), bleached flour, salt, coffee, soda, tea (except herbal tea), corn syrup, hydrogenated oils, all processed foods, fried or fast foods and alcohol. I would eat a wide variety of raw and steamed vegetables including carrots, celery, asparagus, cucumber, squash, yams, pumpkin, and cruciferous and green leafy vegetables. Also include beets, parsley and cabbage as they aid in detoxification. I would eat a combination of fresh fruits including grapes, berries, apples, cherries, melon and limited amounts of citrus. Also a wide variety of whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes; including chickpeas, red beans and lentils. Drink fruit juices or eat fresh fruit in the morning, vegetables the rest of the day. I would drink 32 to 64 ozs. of fresh organic vegetable juices each day (Reference books #3 & 4) also green drinksor green supplements. Use protein shakes made with whey or brown rice mixed in water, juice, rice or almond milk. Mixing brown rice with beans or with grains creates perfect proteins as well.

Millet cereal with brown rice is excellent for breakfast and is a natural source of IP-6. Use honey or black strap molasses as a natural sweetener. Eat ten raw almonds a day. Eat onions and garlic or take garlic supplements. As cancer cells break down, they produce ammonia. The amino acid arginine neutralizes ammonia. Arginine can be found in oats, soybeans, walnuts, wheat and wheat germ, in gelatin and collagen and in supplement form. Avoid exposure to chemicals (including treated water) and wash all fruits, vegetables and sprouts thoroughly. Try to eat raw food (uncooked) everyday. Use glass or stainless steel cookware. Avoid foods and beverages stored in aluminum. DO NOT USE ALUMINUM COOKWARE.

I would seek natural products to help support and detoxify my body. Options for detoxifying include: juice fasting, chelation therapy, colonics and supplements that support cleansing. To aid my body in cleansing I would take a colon cleanse and a parasite cleanse to free my body of accumulated toxins, parasites and other waste material. I would also cleanse the body of candida albicans, the microbes that are responsible for systemic yeast infections (all are discussed in reference book # 7).

Other supplements I would take include: plant-based digestive enzymes, probiotic intestinal micro-flora, whole leaf, cold processed aloe vera juice, colloidal minerals and antioxidants. Enzymes are involved in every process of the body including food digestion, building muscle, nerves, blood and bones. In fact, life could not exist without them. I would rebuild intestinal micro-flora with a probiotic supplement to increase absorption of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fatty acids, support healthy bowel function, promote immunity and balance my body chemistry. Whole leaf, cold processed aloe vera juice will balance and feed the body, supports digestion, aid nutrient assimilation and has anti tumor properties. Colloidal minerals are readily absorbed; they promote vitality, support cellular repair, maintain and promote health. Antioxidants aid in repairing damaged tissue and protect us from free radical damage.

Time For A Overhaul…

 Lets start with cleansing. I personally use the NUPRO™ line of products. They have a cleansing system I use called Radiant Health Plan-1 Click here for details on Radiant Health Plan-1 (RHP-1 includes:1 ProPara, 1 MovIt, 1 Symphony Aloe, & 1 NuRiche Mineral) this lasts for 30 days. ProPara Parasite Cleanse (I would take 2 with breakfast), MovIt Colon Cleanse (I would take 2 at bedtime).

While cleansing, I would start rebuilding my immune system and my body. I would take nutritional supplements that along with my diet will rebuild my immune system. Nupro’s BeneVita Juice, click here for details, is one of the best antioxidant products I have seen. It supports the immune system’s natural ability to fight disease and infection. It also increases energy levels and can increase mental clarity, supports proper digestion, and works at the cellular level to aid in cellular regeneration.

Symphony Herbal Aloe Vera, click here for details, contains whole leaf, cold-processed aloe vera which aids in soft tissue repairing, is great for digestive health and is a catalyst and will draw things including the BeneVita deeper into the tissue internally. It also contains an herbal blend that supports the immune system and has their own anti-tumor properties. I would drink BeneVita & Symphony Herbal Aloe Vera together three times daily (am, midday and bedtime). I would actually purchase 2 extra bottles of Symphony Aloe (you get 1 bottle as part of the cleanse) & 3 bottles of BeneVita Juice (I would drink 1 to 2 ozs. two to three times daily of Symphony Aloe and BeneVita Juice combined and I would take it at the same time as when I take the Stem Enhance – see below).  

After the 30 day cleansing, I would add the BenePak, click here for details, which includes BeneZymes – digestive enzymes (I take 3 total per day – 1 with each meal) and BeneFlora – intestinal flora (I take 2 to 3 at bedtime). I would also continue with the three liquids above: 1-NuRiche Colloidal Minerals (1oz. AM), 3-Symphony Herbal Aloe Vera juice (3ozs. daily split doseage) 3-BeneVita Juice (3ozs. daily split doseage).

 The newest product I have in my regimen is called Stem Enhance™, click here to learn more & watch the video. As you probably already know, the words “Stem Cells” have been in the news quite often over the last few years. Science has just recently discovered that the only system known that actually rebuilds the body is your own adult stem cells. Adult stem cells are predominately found in the bone marrow and can become virtually any type of cell in the body.

According to the New England Journal of Medicine, the number of stem cells circulating in the bloodstream is one of the best indicators of health. As you age, the number of stem cells that circulate in your body gradually decrease, leaving your body more susceptible to injury and other age-related health challenges.

The adult stem cells our own bodies produce have the ability to replace damaged cells, thus fulfilling the natural process of maintaining optimal health. The secret is how to keep our bodies releasing the proper amount of stem cells necessary to do the job, thus the need for Stem Enhance™. When you take two capsules of Stem Enhance™ you support the release of 25 to 30% more circulating stem cells (that is 3 to 4 million additional stem cells). Studies also show an increase of up to 40% in natural killer (NK) cells when consuming aphanizomenon flos-aquae or AFA the ingredient in Stem Enhance™. NK cells have the ability to search for and recognize cells that are cancerous or have been infected by a virus, and kill them. Click here to read the study.

Please take a moment and click here to visit my website.  I am seeing incredible results with my clients already. I have 300 plus now taking the product and I am currently working with other health professionals with their clients. You can also read the monthly newsletter that Ray Mumme and myself put together click here to read StemEnhance & You newsletter.

 You can listen to replays of my Ask Jacki Testimonial Call by dialing (712) 432-1698 Pin 768074# or (712) 432-1286  Pin 865921# 

Other supplements I would consider include: CoQ-10, Garlic, Omega 3 fatty acids, Vitamin C, Vitamin B complex, Silymarin (milk thistle) can help maintain liver function and Cats Claw (Uncaria Tomentosa) enhances immune function, bowel function and has anti tumor properties. Green foods aid in detoxification and are excellent blood cleansers. Alfalfa, barley, kelp, spirulina, wheatgrass, or a blend can be added to water or juices. Greens are available in capsules, which I prefer, tablets or powder form.


 Mike Fehlauer is an author and minister. He delivered a sermon in which he posed a question: “What would you think if your doctor told you that You have terminal cancer and you only have six months to live, would you believe him? Would you sit around doing nothing just waiting to die, or instead, would you look to God asking for help to win this battle and believe that you would be healed?”. God’s challenge to us is to Only Believe! Reference: Mark 5:36; 9:23; Luke 8:50.

 Meditate or spend time in prayer, say positive affirmations, surround yourself with positive people who support your healing. This journey involves mind, body and spirit. You have to work on all three areas. You must stay focused on the path ahead of you and believe in your healing.

Remember remission is not a signal that the crisis is over; it is a second chance. Continuing the change of lifestyle, dietary changes, moderate supplementation and vigilance can provide assurance for your second chance. The easiest way to avoid illness is to stay healthy. The easiest way to stay healthy is to eat healthy and do things in moderation. Admittedly, this is not an easy path to follow, but considering the options . . .

Jacki Smith – Health Coach


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For more information on any of the products I mention you can contact me direct at:


The information listed reflects the personal research and experiences of the author and is for educational purposes only, and is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any illness. If you have questions on matters concerning physical and mental health you should seek out a qualified health professional knowledgeable in treating your particular condition.

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