Ask Jacki About Health, Stem Cells & Changing Lives

About Me

I am a Health Coach, published author, poet and mother living in Texas. I started out in the automotive industry. My parents owned an automotive repair and paint and body shop. They also owned and drove race cars. So I developed a love of cars early on and worked as an outside sales person for the parts department of several car dealerships. My mother being an entrepreneur started working in the Network Marketing arena and became very successful in the weight loss field. My sisters and I joined her and when she opened the doors to “The Diet Shoppe” we all had a role to play. When my mother developed cancer I took on the role as researcher and began studying the whole body approach to healing. I worked with her for 3 1/2 years and when she passed away to cancer in 1996 I continued to run the business changing the name to Natural Health. Today I work with thousands of clients teaching dietary changes and the benefits of nutritional supplements to help fill the gaps with what is missing in our diet. I also train and mentor those that want to work from home or create an additional income stream all while promoting a healthier lifestyle. Welcome to my world. I value your opinion so leave me a comment or stop by sometime for a chat.


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