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The Day Our Nation Stopped To Pray –

Posted in Uncategorized by Jacki Smith on September 11, 2009
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The Day Our Nation Stopped To Pray –
September 11, 2001

 Today we watched in horror as Lower Manhattan rocked.
      And we in this great nation stood and watched in shock.
Innocent victims on four separate planes had been flying here and there.
        They were taken hostage, to be killed. We wonder “Who would dare?”
The World Trade Center Twin Towers was the first target.
        At 8:45am, near the top, tower one took a direct hit.
Then with cameras rolling live before our eyes,
        A second flight, the same outcome, we watch these people die.
Tower Two is hit lower. The explosion is unbelievable.
        How could anyone hate so much? Is there really anyone that capable?
The madness is not over onto Washington and the Pentagon.
        Another plane, full of people, being used as a bomb.
Back to the Twin Towers – tower two begins to sway.
        A roar from the implosions as the buildings blown away
There are people jumping, falling metal and shards of glass.
        Ash and paper fill the air as billowing smoke goes rushing past.
Policemen and firemen those sent to render aid.
        Beneath the rubble of this tower is where their bodies lay.
Back to the Pentagon, flames are coming from the south wall.
        Calls coming in from the north end say they see smoke in the hall.  
From the pictures we can see a large and gaping hole.
        Fires being fought. Tears being shed. We wonder “Who is the foe?”
Back to tower one as it shudders beneath the weight.
        Cries for help, more people jump, for them help comes too late.
Again we watch in horror, as tower one implodes.
        How many were still inside? No one really knows.
Breaking news. We have confirmed a fourth flight has gone down.
        It crashed in Pennsylvania. Speculation – it was DC bound.
“Today our nation saw evil.” I hear President Bush say.
        What should we do? He suggests we pray.
Today we lost Americans to terrorists from afar.
        And the senselessness of their actions, will weight heavy on our hearts.
The Statue of Liberty flame burns bright, our Flag still flies today
        Today we are united. Today our nation stopped to pray.
As I get up from my knees and wipe away my tears.
        The questions come but answers don’t. Where do we go from here? 
I ask God for the answers, as I look to Him above.
         “Each and every one are safe. I surrounded them with Love”
“Angels were there with them, no one was left alone.
         They are gathered here with me. Now Heaven is there home.”
We sit and watch, trying to access, the events of this day.
        The day Americans came together. The day our nation stopped to pray.
By: Jacki Smith
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